Collection No. 2

Go on a journey with your unique ART

The Fine Art Motif . Metamorphosis I . on a high-quality suitcase with an safely lock 
perfect for short trips. We deliver worldwide.

Exclusive price € 380,00.

All products are designed with attention to the detail, carefully checked 
and always packed with a little surprise.
We would like to create tasteful not only the anticipation but also the unpacking for you.
We love what we do!

You can place yours orders or questions about a product directly 
at - Thank you!

Unique style and perfect for short trips

The ultimate traveling companion, very spacious and elegant.
Bag (H x B x T): 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm

HD-Print with brilliant colors

Print on heavy canvas refined 
with a cover made of transparent plexiglass. 
This gives the fine art print a high quality shiny finish.

Robust and a ideal hand luggage

Light (weighs only 3.4 kg) and compact, 
two zipper, 
with adjustable handle and 360 degrees rotatable wheels.

Designed with ART

Striking and unique just like YOU.
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