from the Series . The red Thread .
Anja Diabaté is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She uses Fine Art Photography to transform her concepts and ideas into unique artworks. Her strengh and power is the transformation of her ideas and creativity into extremly expressive and soulful photos. Each of her photographs tells a unique story, her aim is always to inspire a viewer to get into depth and reflection.

Her highest self-requirement is to create multiple photos from a single original, but without ever losing the cohesion to the embedding series. Each artwork represents a definite concept and encourages the viewer starting to create his own story in his mind.
Some of Anja's series are self-portraits and she takes the dual role as photographer and model. The ornate face paintings and make-up are all created and performed by Anja herself. Anja's nature is to deeply dive into her creativity, to create something completely new and to fully enjoy all this. It is the highest representation of her self.
→ Agora Art Gallery Contemporary Fine Art . Dec 2019, New York
→ ImageNation . Paris Photo Off . Nov 2019, Paris
→ Agora Art Gallery Contemporary Fine Art . Nov 2019, New York 
→ ImageNation Arles . Jul 2019, Arles
→ SUBLIMATIONS Voies OFF Festival . Jul 2019, Arles
→ Sublimation Milan . Jun 2019, Milan
→ ImageNation . Paris Photo Off . Nov 2018, Paris

→ Umo Art Gallery, Netherlands 

→ Nominee . Fine Art . Professional Category, Series . the lion . 6th Fine Art Photography Awards 2020
→ Nominee . Conceptual . Professional Category, Series . hand in hand . 6th Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 .
→ Awarded . Portrait . Child Photo Competition Portrait
Award Aug 2019
→ Nominee . Fine Art . Professional . 5th Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 
→ Nominee . Conceptual . Professional . 4th Fine Art Photography Awards 2018

→ Photographize Magazine Issue 45 Jan/Feb 2021, New York
→ Abode2 Luxury Property Magazine Dec.-May Issue 2021, Tring Hertfordshire ​​​​​​​
→ 100 [Hundred] Photographize Best Selected Vol. 1,  
Dec 2020, New York
→ British Vogue Issue Oct, Nov and Dec 2020 Condé Nast Britain, London
→ Photographize Magazine Issue 44 Oct 2020, New York
→ Abode2 Luxury Property Magazine Directory Listing & Autumn Issue 2020, Tring Hertfordshire   
→ House & Garden Magazine Issue Sep 2020, Oct 2020, Nov 2020 Condé Nast Britain, Vogue House, London
→ Circle Foundation for the Arts, Contemporary Art Magazine spotlight No. 19/2020, Lyon
→ Photographize Magazine Issue 42 Sep 2019, New York
→ International Kid model magazine Issue 32 Sep 2019
→ Photographize Monochrome Back Cover Issue 02/2019, New York
→ 1x Interview, März 2019, Uppsala Sweden 
→ Photographize Magazine Issue 40 Jan 2019, New York
→ Photographize Magazine Issue 39 Sep 2018, New York
→ Photographize Article . Soulful Creations ., New York

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