Collection No.1

Go on a journey with your unique ART

The Leopard on a high-quality leather Phone Pocket with gold metal parts. 
Available immediately and we deliver worldwide.

Exclusive price € 359,00.

All products are designed with attention to the detail, carefully checked 
and always packed with a little surprise.
We would like to create tasteful not only the anticipation but also the unpacking for you.
We love what we do!

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Style and safety

suitable for smartphones up to
15 cm H x 7.5 cm B

No matter if Android or iPhone  

Fine Art Motif

Printing the fine art motif 
. The Leopard .
A print that is not only colorful, true to the original and detailed, 
but is also particularly durable. The side parts in a matching
 gray-blue to the main motif.

Elegant and timeless

Light and portable design with shoulder strap

Nappa leather

Handmade from 100% real nappa leather

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